Integrated Interior Platform


Integrated Interior Platform is the first step towards a holistic human machine interface (HMI) concept in the car. Intuitive to use functions can be configured and personalized to drivers’ needs over all available screens. A sophisticated information strategy that even seamlessly integrates downloadable Apps prioritizes information and displays it right where the driver needs to see it. Using a high performance multi-core processor, we are able to integrate several functional domains in parallel, e.g. cluster, head unit and Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS), supporting Hypervisor technology.

Technical Solution

For its next generation of head units and infotainment platforms, Continental is developing a revolutionary usability concept that allows shifting content across screen boundaries and over various displays. The core technology, the human machine interface server, handles the requests of the different applications, following an intelligent information strategy that displays information not only according to the driver’s needs, but also depending on the driving situation, right where the driver needs to see it.

Service Use Cases

This technology offers a totally new user experience to drivers and passengers. With focus not only on comfort and safety, but also on personalization and fun.


  • Cost savings – Cluster and head unit running on a single unit allow for savings in hardware and development costs due to higher integration
  • Excitement – Multiple domains are bundled into one consistent human machine interface solution enabling a completely new user experience
  • Upgradability – Integration of additional domains, services and applications possible
  • Safer integration – Enables the integration of core and trusted domains due to the use of hypervisor technology
  • Cross domain concept – Safe concept that even allows for integration of smart driver assistance functions
  • Process optimization – More efficient human machine interface development thanks to use of sophisticated tool chains
  • Seamless integration – Of downloadable apps & HTML5 cloud services in human machine interface concept


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